Friday, March 24, 2017

Best wedding color theme ideas in 2017

Merlot - Peach - Sage

Great for: Pastoral late -summer wedding topics
Hints for pulling it off: This theme is about being down to earth and shabby chic. Make an effort to work into your decor as possible as much natural wood, then balance out the natural surroundings with some sensational components like a luxe lounge space or chandeliers.


Navy - Eggplant - Gold

Good for: Artdeco fall wedding themes
Hints for pulling it off: Transform your site into a smart Gatsby esque space filled with live music and bubbly champagne coupes. Combine a couple of different metallic colors like a brassy, into the mixture -copper for that old world charm. If the budget (and site!) Permits, end the night off with something heroic, such as, for instance, a glitter drop or low-key fireworks display.

Sage - Gold - Ivory

Good for: Year round indoor or outdoor wedding themes
Tips for pulling it away: With such a color combo that is versatile, lean in your venue and seasonal weather to inspire the decor. Be skeptical of trying to pull off this soft colour combo in a place that is decked out in dark colors (think: carpet and wallpaper) You may wind up spending more on decor than initially planned!

Emerald - Cream - Gold

Good for: Boho-glam wedding motifs
Hints for pulling it away: Let your space inspire the decor aesthetic. For an industrial site, outfit your tables in a smart blanket of cream tablecloths and sequined runners. For that elegant intimate feeling, arrange garlands of greenery and white anemones for a ballroom.